Living sustainably is not one size fits all

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Make changes that suit your lifestyle regardless of how small they may seem.

We all need to do our bit to reduce climate change but what works for one person will not necessarily work for another and sometimes seeing those who have sustainable living down pack can be overwhelming and even a little off putting. But as with anything else in life try not to compare your story with someone else’s. I am by no means an eco warrior but I love our planet and I appreciate my health and do what I can to sustain both while keeping up the busy schedule of #mumlife

I try to be consistent in living a sustainable lifestyle but some things are simply impractical for our family and I’m sure many of you feel the same.
Just as an example: I have 3 children and an overloaded schedule, we live outside the main town centre and 50 kilometres away from our family and most of our friends.. I drive ALL THE TIME! there is no practical alternative to using my car as much as I do so cutting down on fuel emissions is never going to be a realistic goal for us. Instead I put my energy else where.

We aim for minimal food waste including composting to put naturals nutrients back into our soils, grow as much fruit and vegetables as we can, eat seasonably, use well researched natural sustainably sourced products wherever possible, eat minimal packaged or processed foods, eat more vegetarian than meat dinners, reduce some house hold waste and plastics, shop for sustainable clothing when possible, cut down on electricity use, plant some trees and native plants and so on.

Tree’s absorb carbon out the atmosphere and obviously the more trees we have the more carbon they can store. In fact a tree can absorb up to 21 kilograms of carbon (that’s about the same weight as my bull terrier for context!). Once again this is something we can all do our own way, I live in rural suburbia with plenty of yard space to fill with trees and native plants but if you are a renter, live in flats or apartments or just generally lack space then there are plenty of community gardens and organisations that you can plant a tree through.
Maybe you can bike or walk instead of driving but live in an apartment so can’t have a compost heap. Perhaps you can grow your own food and have no plastic waste but have no means of reducing electricity usage.

Something is always going to be better than nothing and we should never be discouraged from implementing better choices regardless of how small they seem.
Did you leave your reusable shopping bags in the car when you went in to do food shopping again? I know i’m guilty of this every 2nd or 3rd shopping trip I make. I just cant find a practical way to remember to bring them in short off wearing them as clothing but when you get to the check out resist the urge to buy more bags or use plastic just load your shopping back in the trolley and load it into the bags when you get back to the car. When I unload groceries at home I immediately hang the shopping bags on my front door so the next time I go out to the car they are staring me in the face and I cant forget.

This might seem trivial and often its easy to think “well whats a few extra plastic bags?” but when there are millions of people thinking the same thing it adds up. 3.92 billion plastic bags are used each year in Australia alone. This plastic is never going away so yeah the few bags you purchase here and there add up.

This planet may look very different in the next 50 years, that’s right folks this is happening in our lifetime if your a millennial like me this issue is going to completely foreshadow any retirement lifestyle plans not to mention the devastation I am leaving for my children and grandchildren. If for no other reason I want to be able to tell our future generations that I tried to make a positive impact and was conscious of my decisions. If we can all find ways to be more environmentally friendly we have a real chance to see a positive change.

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