Dying bleach blonde hair brown to help the environment

I made a big change this week and dyed my bleach blonde hair brown. I’m a natural blonde but my golden locks turned a Mousey colour when I was in high school so I have been a bleached blonde for 15 years!

The impact on my hair has always been super obvious but I had never really thought about what impact my regular bleaching, toners and purple shampoo’s have on the environment. So I decided to research to see just how much damage my hair up keep has done.

Let me just start by saying all beauty routines can come with a big cost to the earth and I really encourage any readers to do your own research on the products you purchase and what impact your beauty routine has on the environment to see if there’s anywhere you can make sustainable changes.

The first and most obvious issue with maintaining bleach blonde hair is obviously the chemicals. When hair is bleached and rinsed out all those ingredients get washed down the drain and end up in local waterways. They can linger in the water even after its been treated and ends up in the ocean where it can be harmful to aquatic life.

The second issue is the packaging and plastic waste.. As scary as it can be to face reality I use online plastic waste calculators to get an idea of what products and household items are the most important to try and cut out or substitute with more conscious ones (links included below) and maintaining my bleach blonde hair contributed to about 59 kilograms of plastic waste!!

Now that my hair is light brown its more maintainable and will only need an occasional root touch up and there are plenty of eco friendly dye options available www.floraandfauna.com.au have a great range or check out your local health food shop. I will now be contributing to less than a quarter of the plastic waste then when I was blonde and the eco friendly dye doesn’t contain chemicals that linger in the waterways or on my head.

helpful links for plastic calculations



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